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About NYC Arts Radio —     

Each episode of NYC Arts Radio investigates artists’ relationship to one topic through its many facets. With each episode, listeners- both artists and layman alike- gain a sense of the far reaching entirety of art and its many dimensions in NYC and beyond.
Separate interviews are held with individual artists and people beyond the limits of the artworld, on the same topic. Later, corresponding interviews are strung together to make one episode or multi-part episodes.
Unlike typical artist interviews, NYC Arts Radio episodes are not solely focused on specific art projects, exhibitions, or finished products. On NYC Arts Radio each exchange with an artist is meant to extract a deeper explanation of their practice and the relevant topic. The role of accompanying, or multi-layered, interviews is to enlighten varying relationships to that art topic, and to further express facts or opinions. All interviews are mixed with narration, by host Allison Malinsky Vilalta, into tightly edited tracks with sounds and music by the brilliant sound designer, John Wiggins.
The goal of NYC Arts Radio is to construct each episode so the audience feels, through transmission, that they are experiencing a collective artistic way of being, and therefore a relation to what it is like to be a visual artist.

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